Revolutionizing Therapy Room Rentals with Our Exclusive Points System

Experience unparalleled convenience and rewards with our innovative therapy room rental service. We are excited to introduce our unique points system, designed to enhance your booking experience and provide additional value.

How It Works:

  1. Book and Earn Points: Each therapy room in our facility has a designated points value. For example, booking the Cherry Room earns you 100 points, while the Oak Room rewards you with 125 points. Simply book your preferred therapy room, and your account will be credited with the corresponding points instantly.

  2. Accumulate and Redeem: Watch your points grow with every booking. Accumulate 1000 points to unlock a complimentary one-hour session in the Cherry Room. Reach 1250 points and enjoy a free session in the Oak Room.

  3. Effortless Redemption: Once you’ve earned enough points, you’ll receive a special booking code. Enter this code when reserving your next therapy room, and the system will automatically deduct the rental fee, making your experience seamless and rewarding.

Join us in redefining therapy room rentals, where every booking brings you closer to exclusive rewards and exceptional service.