Covid Policy

Under the Government Guidelines, Park Rooms have completed a COVID-19 risk
assessment of the building, to ensure that we remain COVID-19 secure and to be able to
continue using the rooms in a safe environment, the following rules need to be maintained.

➼All rooms either have a door or window that can be opened for air circulation.

➼ There are Automatic hand sanitizers when entering the rooms and one by the front entrance.

➼ Daily Cleaning and the disinfecting of surfaces that are touched regularly are cleaned on a daily basis.

➼ The toilet has antibacterial soap and cleaned daily.

➼ We have ensured that chairs are two metres apart in both rooms when seated.

➼Please do not move the furniture, the smaller room although your feet may not be two metres apart your faces will be.

➼Only one client at a time in the therapy room and one in the waiting room.

➼When entering the building, please use the automatic hand sanitizers.

➼Please make sure that your clients use the hand sanitizers and wear a face covering.

➼When a client has finished their session please wipe the chairs with the antibacterial wipes provided between each client.

➼When leaving the building with a client, please ensure that there is plenty of time between the next clients for cleaning. As per the Government advice, if you or your client has symptoms of the coronavirus, you will need to self-isolate for 7 days, if you are living with someone who has symptoms then you will need to self-isolate for 14 days from when their symptoms started.
Please do not use the rooms if you fall into these categories.